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Through Conversational AI & Customer Experience Intelligence
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Seamless Workflow and Integration

Unified Communications

Dealer Engagement

Total CX

TotalCX™ is a Customer Experience Intelligence Platform taking Conversational AI to the next level.

Real Time Insights

Automatically alerting stakeholders to accelerate decision-making; improving customer experience and business results.

Unlimited Users & Storage

Add as many users, devices and groups.

AI & Automation Technology

Combines AI and automation technology with people power to increase sales, service and profitability for automotive dealers.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Remove all customer experience blind spots with a 360 degree view.

Automated Recordings and Transcriptions

Eliminates the need to listen to call recordings or read call transcriptions. When compared to human summaries, our AI solution was chosen every time.

Customer Experience Engine

Works with any On-Prem or Cloud Phone System including our own Award-Winning Persona-Connect™ Phone System.

Best In Industry Awards

TMC Excellence in Unified Communications 2022 Award.

2022 AWA Award for expanding telephony, communications, and sales process management platform for the automotive industry.

The Fierce Innovation Awards – Telecom Edition 2021. Our Intelligence Platform received the highest honor in the Business Services Category.

TMC Internet Telephony 2021 Product of the Year Award.

TMC Excellence in Unified Communications 2020 Award.

From Anywhere On Any Device

  • Real-time SMS/email alerts on ANY keyword or missed opportunities
  • Access live and recorded calls.
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls credited to the rep within the CRM
  • Dedicated Business Phone Number that belongs to the Dealership
  • Live Presence, see who is available on the Network.

Used by more than 4,000+ Dealerships

Bring Your Own Call Tracking Providers

We Integrate with Most DMS, CRM & Marketing Automation Tools

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